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Would You Like A Tour?
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Would You Like A Tour?

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[TW: rape]

[Pictures captions]

The first image is Thea Wellband, who plays the teenage rape victim in Unwatchable. [x]

The second image is Rose, nine years old, who was raped so violently her hips are permanently damaged. [x]

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q’d ✩
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q’d ✩

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********ATTENTION VIRGINIA**********

This is Alexis Murphy, 17, of Nelson County, Virginia. She was last seen August 3, 2013 around 8p.m. at the Lovingston Liberty gas station.

Alexis was driving a white 2003 Nisan Maxima with the plates WYN3706.

PLEASE help us find her. Alexis is from small community that is very close and loves her very much. She is a good student, a star volleyball player, and a friend to many. Please, if you see her, or her car, contact the Nelson County Sheriff’s office immediately:

Address: 94 Courthouse Sq, Lovingston, VA 22949

Phone: (434) 263-7050

Some of you may even follow Alexis on Twitter @realfolarin_ (11.2K followers)

There will also be links to news sites to show that this is not in any way a scam.

If you are in the Central Virginia area, PLEASE keep a look out for Alexis. Her community, family, and friends miss her so much and would love to have her back for her first day of her senior year (August 12, 2013).

We appreciate your help and time.

ABC13 News


Alexis’ car was just found at Albermale Square, Charlottesville, VA. PLEASE keep an eye out for her. She was last wearing leopard print capri pants (likely leggings) and a long sleeve burgundy shirt.

Please help us bring her home.

this has been on the news…BOOST!

Shit. Boosting this. And she looks super familiar.

She’s so pretty! We need to find her!

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prince *_*

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Family Matters | The Fresh Prince of Bel Air | Good Times | 227 | The Cosby Show | Moesha | Sister, Sister | Everybody Hates Chris | My Wife and Kids

Before reality tv.

best moms on television and they were all funny

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